Cuore verde, peperì, fiordolio: which do you prefer?

Olive oil for us is not just an aliment, although it is considered one of the most important element for the Mediterranean diet thanks to its nutritional values, but it represents a rich mix of history and culture, myths and legends, territories and values that arrive to us after centuries thanks to the skilful and continuous work of farmers and craftsmen.

All this mixture of flavours and competences is what makes the use of oil a meaningful experience which is possible just with that kind of oils expressing in their organoleptic features a strong connection with their territory.

In fact the particular smell and flavour is due to the specific variety “cultivar” of olives used, to the environmental features, to the particular ground and climatic conditions. This is what makes a real extra-virgin olive oil really unique and inimitable.

From a focused selection of the local olives varieties and a careful and traditional processing, all the quality of the extra-virgin oil of Cuoreverde and Fiordolio.

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