Profession Crushers since 1964

The company was created in 1964 by Nello Torresi and Giuseppina Macellari, who bought one olive press and a little hammer crusher, starting to create their own mill near their repair shop for farm machines.

Year after year the company grew thanks to continuous investments increasing the productivity power of the plant, and also to the direct production and selling of extra-virgin olive oil.

Passion, commitment, skills and professionalism are the true heritage Nello left to his daughter Fausta and to his nephews Giuseppe and Tommaso, and so they continue to realize this ambitious project, with their creativity and energies.

Aware of the valuable legacy entrusted to them, they put new ideas and energy into the implementation of an ambitious project that marks a new beginning for the company.

Their aim is to let everyone discover that behind the flavour and the smell of a high quality extra-virgin olive oil, there’s a story, a trade, a community, a territory.

A continuous quest for innovation

From year to year the challenge for quality is renewed for us, conducted with modern means and machines but with the passion of always respecting tradition

The first “semi-automatic stacker” which was awarded with a gold medal in the “Fiera di Verona” in 1975 was created in our first oil mill, thanks to Nello Torresi, who started a new professional chapter for his family, who still nowadays continues producing automatic machines for oil mill, the so.called RUFFINI MACCHINE.

The fund of experiences, knowledge, skills, obtained by working directly in our plant and at the same time cooperating with other oil mills in Italy and abroad, gives us the opportunity to use and manage a traditional press plant provided with the best technological solutions.